Sunday, May 18, 2008

UpDatE oN LifE

Wow it has been a while since I updated our blog- sorry to everyone that has been checking it regularly...I'm sure that has been a bit frustrating! Josh has been out of town so much and when he is gone I don't have a computer to even check everyone else's, let alone update ours. Well baseball season ended yesterday with UVSC finishing with a win against Hawaii! Josh is still in Hawaii just playing on the beach, eating out, getting tan, and loving life while I've been working hard and getting bigger every day! :) I plan on keeping every one updated from here on out now that I will have a computer and Husband at home with me!! I've only got 6 weeks left to go so am getting nervous but am so excited to see Josh as a Dad...(He's bought more stuff for baby Mac then I have!!) My feet have started to swell really bad and I'm retaining water like crazy but the Dr. does not seem nervous at all...You ladies that have been prego know how hard it is to sleep so I have been up watching more movies late at night then I did even when I was in high school!! But other then that nothing is new in this Hinckley family. Thanks to everyone for their love and support while Josh has been gone and for always checking up on his games- we love you all!

PS- We are set on naming our baby Mac however don't know what spelling to use- any suggestions/votes would be greatly appreciated!

McCallister, Mcallister, Macallister, McKallister, etc...Thanks!!