Monday, March 22, 2010

Little things I love!

I love being able to push a stroller around- in the mall, outside, at the home and garden expo... anywhere! We got a stroller when I had Mac and I had been so excited to use it! And I don't feel let down- it's everything I imagined and more! I especially love it when people want to peak inside the stroller to see if your baby is cute or not. :)

This is so weird, but I LOVE using the changing table in public places. I feel so awesome that I am finally "qualified" to use the changing table with such a cute little baby!

So, when you go in to a restaurant with a car seat they ask you if you would like a "Sling" to put your baby in. Heck Yes I do! I love being able to stick her next to the table and talk to her while we eat.

I always thought I would get buff carrying around a car seat, but guess what? I hardly ever do! Josh is always so nice to grab it out of the car for me, and carry her wherever we go. I don't know why but I think car seats are a definite attractive accessory for men! When I do carry it though, I love it!!! It's so fun to lug your baby around and talk to them in the car and not have to worry that they are safe.

I don't have my camera to post pictures of this but here are a few other things I LOVE!!! I am not a morning person and normally have a very hard time getting out of bed, but now when I hear Oakland in talking to herself I LOVE to run in there and get a huge smile (most of the time a loud squeal too) out of her. It's so nice to wake up to in the morning and starts my day off so nice.

I normally don't wear jewelry but now a days you can always catch me with a binkie somewhere pinned to me, on my finger, etc. Oh that and spit up! I LOVE BEING A MOM!!!!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Our 2 kids and 4 videos of catching up

I LOVE HAVING TWO ADORABLE KIDS!!! It's been really cold, so every time I go to visit Mac, I normally leave Oakland in the car seat all covered up. The other day it was warm enough that I could get her out for a second. She loved just looking around at Mac's Park (that's what we call the cemetary for the little kids). And then these are the pictures we got of Oakland and Mac- stinkin cute huh? We were luck enough to have Julie Williams take both of their pictures, which is really special to us. She did an amazing job and we owe her so much. She is a very special lady in our lives and I get teary eyed talking about her most of the time. Thanks Julie!!
On a second note, I posted 4 videos to try and catch up on the last couple weeks I haven't blogged- hope you enjoy!!!

Family trip to Cedar and St. George

Josh's Sister and her Husband (Taylor and Abbel) participated in the SUU polynesian night (I made up that name, I'm not really sure what it was called) so we made a family trip down to Cedar City to watch them. We decided to make the extra hour trip to see our friends, Slade, Tara, and their son Quade. They live on a farm and it was SO much fun!! Oakland loved every minute of it and I think Josh and I really needed a nice little trip. Thanks Hinckley's and Hughes for the fun trip.


Ok, maybe I went a little overboard on sharing pictures but I just can not get enough of this little girl! Being a Mom has changed everything in my life, everything I look at, the way I see things, the way I want to be and act. I seriously could not have asked for anything more in my life and never knew I would be this happy with my family! I am absolutely in love with my baby girl!!

Daddy and Uncle Al

Yes, Alex is wearing a "gas mask" to change Oakland's diaper...

Oaks Blessing

Oakland's blessing was an amazing experience and something that I had wanted so bad after Mac passed away. For a while other's blessings were really hard for me and were really emotional. Hers was emotional, but in a happy way. I am so glad to be a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and know that this gospel is true. It's helped me get through some really hard times and I'm grateful for prayer, the priesthood, and my family. Plus- she looked darn cute!