Monday, March 22, 2010

Little things I love!

I love being able to push a stroller around- in the mall, outside, at the home and garden expo... anywhere! We got a stroller when I had Mac and I had been so excited to use it! And I don't feel let down- it's everything I imagined and more! I especially love it when people want to peak inside the stroller to see if your baby is cute or not. :)

This is so weird, but I LOVE using the changing table in public places. I feel so awesome that I am finally "qualified" to use the changing table with such a cute little baby!

So, when you go in to a restaurant with a car seat they ask you if you would like a "Sling" to put your baby in. Heck Yes I do! I love being able to stick her next to the table and talk to her while we eat.

I always thought I would get buff carrying around a car seat, but guess what? I hardly ever do! Josh is always so nice to grab it out of the car for me, and carry her wherever we go. I don't know why but I think car seats are a definite attractive accessory for men! When I do carry it though, I love it!!! It's so fun to lug your baby around and talk to them in the car and not have to worry that they are safe.

I don't have my camera to post pictures of this but here are a few other things I LOVE!!! I am not a morning person and normally have a very hard time getting out of bed, but now when I hear Oakland in talking to herself I LOVE to run in there and get a huge smile (most of the time a loud squeal too) out of her. It's so nice to wake up to in the morning and starts my day off so nice.

I normally don't wear jewelry but now a days you can always catch me with a binkie somewhere pinned to me, on my finger, etc. Oh that and spit up! I LOVE BEING A MOM!!!!


nennermommy said...

I love it!!! What a great way to look at it all..... I would peek in your stroller and see the cutest 3 month old baby girl:)

The Kims said...

This post is so cute. I can tell you really appreciate being a mom! Thanks! I love that sort of attitude!

lacyallred said...

Cali! Remember me? From back in the day at Desert Star? I LOVE reading your blog and I am SO happy about your family. Congrats! Glad things are going so well.

Nikki said...

Cali, you are the CUTEST mom ever!!! I love that you are cherishing EVERY moment, even the seemingly unpleasant ones. Mac and Oak are so blessed to have you! I hope you guys are doing so well!

Ashley said...

Aww so cute! You're an awesome mom! :)

And thank you for your suggestions about my friend. You really helped out.


Janet said...

I love that you have your turn now!! Sending warm regards as always from a not so sunny South Africa (autumn is upon us!)

Sarah loves it all said...

You're a darling mom Cal.

Lance, Tiff n Ash said...

So cute Cal. Love this post :) Miss you guys.