Thursday, July 17, 2008

McKallister's Funeral Slideshow

The slideshow of Mac's funeral has finally been posted to his blog. You can click here to view it (the slideshow is towards the bottom of the blog).

I also just wanted to let you know that Josh and Cali are doing well. Every day is still very challenging for them. They say that some days are harder than others, but they are enduring each day like champions. Although their emotions are still too tender to get on here and update this blog themselves, they have been reading every comment left for them on this blog and Mac's blog and are deeply touched and comforted by each one. You will honestly never know how much your words of comfort and encouragement have come to mean to them. Please keep it coming their way. They told me they could have never faced this difficult experience without the strength and love they have felt and continue to feel from each of you and they thank you from the bottom of their hearts.

As sad as this experience has been for them, they are grateful for it. They have come to understand that Mac's mission here on earth was to bring people to Christ. They hope you will continue to help Mac fulfill his mission by sharing his blog/story with others. They love you and sincerely thank you. Please continue to send love their way. ~Erin


Ryan and Megan said...

I am so sorry to hear about your loss. You are amazing people. Stay strong. Our prayers are with you.

Ryan and Megan (Loader) Warner

Aubree and Josh said...

Cali and Josh I am so sorry that you guys had to endure this pain. I hope you know I am always here for you guys and we all love both of you, stay strong! Love,Aubree

Malia said...

Josh and Cali - I think of you and pray for you both every day. I hope that, even during the most difficult times, you are able to feel the love of the Lord and peace that only He can bring. You're not alone.

Mary Ann said...

Josh and Cali - Please know you and baby Mac, as well as your family and friends, have been in my thoughts and prayers daily. I'm so sorry for your loss and please know you have inspired me and touched my life. Thank you for your faith and sharing your story.

Holladay Family said...

You don't know me but I am devastated by your loss. Due to medical negligence, I came extremely close to losing one of my children when he was only 4 lbs. I know the Lord will take care of your beautiful baby. I do not want to be insensitive in any way, but you might want to consider a medical negligence lawsuit against your doctor's clinic. They have insurance for that. If you received a settlement, you could start a foundation in Mac's name. Just a thought. I hope your family can heal in the Lord's due time.

Young Family said...

I just read baby Mac's blog. Treasure it always. You are so lucky to have those tangible memories of your precious little boy.

My baby Scott was still born Dec 28, 2007. I know how you feel and I feel so sad to know that one more family has had to say good-bye way too soon.

If you ever want someone to talk to please feel free to contact me. My email is I would be more than happy to visit with you. I live in Riverton so we are not far from each other.

Please know that you are in my thoughts and prayers. I wish you the best in this trying time.

With Love,
Jessica Young
Scott's mommy

Sarah said...

Cali- I'm so glad I got to talk to you. You too Josh. PLEASE don't hesitate to call me anytime. Your testimony and Mac's life have influenced me forever.

Jake and Sharee said...

Hey Josh this Sharee(Henrie)Hansen now but I just wanted to tell how sorry I am about your loss and I admire your strength. We will keep you both in our prayers!

Hallenbergers said...

Thank you so much for sharing your story with those around you. I have three children and can't imagine the pain you feel. I do know that our Savior does love us and that little Mac's spirit will be felt always. What a blessing to have such a beautiful child a part of your life. What a blessing for eternal families!! I admire your stregnth! Heavenly Father knows his children best...he knew you could be strong through this heart breaking time! Your story has stregnthened my testimony and has made me more aware of how I talk to my children. Thank you so much for your example. Go to the Temple often...Mac will be there!


The Hallenbergers

Elizabeth said...

Josh and Cali,
I don't know you personally... but my friend Sarah knows Erin and forwarded me a link to her blog.
My daughter was stillborn a week after Mac, so I for sure understand the trial you guys are going through, because my husband and I are as well.
Right now, we're not sure what to do about talking to other people/support groups, because most we've found are geared towards parents who are either very angry or profoundly, irreversibly sad. Not that we aren't grieving (of course we are) but our testimonies and the comfort of the Spirit are really helping us find peace. I hope you guys are feeling a measure of that peace also, I really do.
If you ever want to talk, we're out here in Utah... and on blogspot too.
Our thoughts are with you,
Elizabeth Anderson

Christine said...

I've stared at this comment box for an hour now, trying to see through my tears and put my feelings into words. I wasn't sure if it was appropriate for a stranger to share her feelings with you, but I decided I just had to tell you how very grateful I am for you both sharing your story.

I've had three shares of pregnancy heartache and one sweet baby boy. You know more than anyone else can express there is an intimate peace that the Lord provides us in these trials.

Your testimonies and love are etched in each of those sweet pictures and words that you have posted and journaled. Thank you.

Love, Christine

Aubrey said...

I know you don't know me, but I saw your Mac's blog. Incredible story of faith, hope and courage. You are both amazing.

Aubrey Johnson-Lehi, UT

Andrea said...

My heart is aching for you. I am so, so sorry for your loss. We lost our little boy Wyatt suddenly in March of this year. My heart aches for you because I know the pain you are experiencing right now. If you ever need someone to talk with let me know. It's helped me know that I'm not the only one hurting right now. You are in my prayers!
Wyatt's mommy

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