Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Sarah Jane...

So I have mentioned this friend a couple of times throughout my blogging days, but never officially have said how amazing she is! I actually work with Sarah and have for the past couple of years. She started working at UL with me right before I got pregnant with Mac so was there for me through some very trying and hard days once I returned back to work. She always listened when I needed someone to listen the most, she always knew when to ask if I was ok or wanted to talk, and she has helped me grow a lot! She is really like a big sister to me in friend form. :) I actually owe her a lot but also adore and look up to her.

Well not only do I love her to death but she is doing a giveaway for this baby clothes company! It's super easy, just comment on her blog for one entry, become a follower for two entries, and blog or facebook about it for three!!! Whoo hoo- isn't she awesome!! She's announcing the winner on Monday March 1st so hurry up.

Oh PS- I'm going back to work on that same Monday the 1st... She better be ready for a lot of TEARS!!! :(