Saturday, December 15, 2012

Hero's in a world of havoc

So I have to admit, I never watch the news. I get so discouraged with violence, accidents, natural disasters.... and then there is what happened two days ago in Connecticut. I have read the many posts, comments, and news reports regarding it but no matter what you read, it doesn't get better. The world can be scary, the people can be even scarier.

I hope this doesn't sound awful but it makes me grateful for how I lost my two boys. It makes me grateful that I'm alive to hold my daughter so close to me. I take comfort in my knowledge of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I have seen very sad things in my life- through the media, news, etc. but also in my personal life. I have also seen miracles. I have met genuinely good people. There is so much bad in this world but there is also so much good that maybe doesn't get the attention it should. Here is one of those stories...

I have a younger brother with Down Syndrome. He is turning 16 in the next few days and is a sophmore in high school. He just joined the wrestling team! The coaches are one thing. They accepted Alex immediately and think of him as a member of the team. They treat him like any other athlete, they make him do the work outs, but they also understand that this boy is stubborn and requires a little more attention. It has been amazing for me to see.

And then there are the members of his team. These boys are hero's. They are kind men who really like and care about him. They treat Alex with compassion. They make him work hard! I have been priviledged enough to watch two matches and have cried through both of them! I don't even know how to describe the feeling I have to see these boys so willing to wrestle him. How they cheer him on and teach him while wrestling. He has a great team, full of boys that I look up to so much.

And then I was shocked to see how the other schools treated him. They don't know Alex, they could easily reject him and not want to wrestle him... but that is not the case. These boys will forever hold such a special place in my heart for being so kind to my little brother. They put up a real good fight, but explain to Al what to do. They make him work his hardest but don't just give in. And they let him win and then cheer him on. I watched as he ran down the sideline of the opposing school's boys giving out high fives and they all wanted to congratulate him.

Unfortunately the world we live in has violence and bullies. But I have had the opportunity to meet some real hero's and am proud that there is still so much good in this world. I hope I can raise every single one of my kids to be the hero and stand up for any that may need it...