Sunday, April 12, 2009

California Baseball

My work had Friday off so I got to fly to California early Friday morning to watch Josh play baseball. It was a little cold on Friday during their double header but then the sun came out Saturday and it was all shorts, t-shirts, flip-flop tan lines and baseball watching. The last two pictures are actually not from this weekend but I liked them and wanted to post them. :) On the second picture down you can see the parking garage in the background- i think there were more people watching the game from the tailgate of their car then the actual stadium. We got to go out to eat with our boys Friday night and I hung out with Lacy and her cousin Jamie the whole time. It was a blast!! Thanks all for a fun weekend!


Erin said...

Sweet pics. We can't wait to see him play...hopefully this weekend.

Rebecca Louise. said...

The sky looks glorious! X.

TAYBEL said...

Those are some good pictures. It sounded like a lot of fun!