Friday, August 22, 2008

Grandpa and Josh

This is my Mom's Dad- Grandpa Scott. He is one of the greatest people I know and I love him so much! He's always treated me exactly how a Grandpa should treat a Granddaughter and I am so impressed with the way that he treats Josh. Josh and him just clicked when we got married and I am so lucky that they have such a strong relationship. Yesterday we were able to have dinner with him and Grandma (who is also just as amazing) and afterwards Grandpa taught Josh how to use a lathe? I don't even know if that's how you spell it, let alone what it does. Anyways Josh did an amazing job and hasn't finished his project but got very far on it. Josh is absolutely in LOVE with Grandpa's shop that he built and all the cool tools that are in it- so thanks Grandpa for sharing!! We love you!!!


The Gneiting Nothing said...

Cali my heart is breaking for you. i left the longest comment on your sweet little babys blog. i just wanted you to know that i am here for you. i just went thought the same thing you did. scott and i got pregnant 2 weeks after we got married and we were so excited to have our first little boy. but sadly were not able to keep him here on this earth he passed away an hour before we delieved him he was born aug 11, 2008 and 1:29 am he was 4 months premature and so precious. my heart is just breaking that you had to go through this. i love you cali if you need anything i know what your going through and i can hopefullly help you go through this. i love you girl call me if you need anything. 949-375-8133.

amy Kiser gneiting

windhula said...

Josh, nice buzz cut! You and tools...always together. What are you making?

Jessica said...

I love the buzz cut - you could totally hang with the Madsen boyz!!! I did hear this little rumor that Josh was a handy man which is such a fun rumor to hear when you are in the process of building a house.... HEHE!!! Hope things are going well!