Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Tagged by TJ

I got tagged by tj a little while ago but haven't gotten around to doing it so I finally decided I would sit down and share my 3 joys, fears, goals, current obsessions, and random facts...

3 Joys

-Josh just happens to be the love of my life. In case anyone didn't notice! :) He's been my best friend since the day I met him and I wouldn't trade him for anything in the whole entire world! He definitely has to be my greatest Joy here on this earth...and that leads me to my next joy--

-McKallister! I enjoy looking at pictures of him, listening to others memories of him, dreaming of him, think about every single moment I had with him, and visiting his grave.

-Flowers and mushrooms... :) if anyone hasn't read my mom's post you gotta check it out- she claims I hate the mushrooms on Mac's grave but I secretly enjoy having something that I need to take care of.

3 Fears

-Well right now all of my fears kinda reflect off of what happened 9 weeks ago....I'm going to lump them into one large fear because everything else that used to scare me in my life seems like nothing now! I have a fear of not being able to get pregnant again, losing another precious child, losing my husband or a family member I love, becoming a wreck when josh leaves for baseball trips (he is currently the only thing keeping me going right now), or forgetting what I have learned from McKallister.

3 Goals

-scrapbook every memory I have of Mac (and if anyone knows how very crafty I am -those last three words should be read as sarcastically as you can- they will know how hard this goal will be for me)

- Learn how to cook just one good meal for Josh without burning, mixing in a wrong ingredient, leaving an ingredient out, oblonging it (that one is for tj) or taking over 2 hours to finally finish it.

- Exercise on a regular basis and get in shape!

3 Current obsessions

- Hanging out with family members

- Visiting Mac's grave

- Ice Cream and lemonade (not together of course but I didn't just want to say food! :) )

3 Random Facts

-I ate gushers for breakfast lunch and dinner the first 3 months I was pregnant

- I pass out every time I see my own blood but other peoples doesn't seem to effect me in the slightest

- I can out-run my Husband!! :) love you babe...


Jessica said...

Outrun Josh.... I think Maddog might be able to do that!!! HAHA - Josh just kidding. Cali - you seriously look sooooo awesome for just giving bith 9 weeks ago. I would LOVE to have that bod!!! If you need company while Josh is on the road... you can always hang out with the Madsens!

Jessica said...

I meant birth. It's way too late for me!

Christine said...

I loved reading your joys, fears, goals, and facts. A friend of mine just tagged me with a simialr post, but I haven't had a chance to get around to it yet:)

I have really enjoyed getting to know you through your blog. I always look forward to your posts!

TAYBEL said...

Get in shape? HA! If you think you need to get in shape...that must make me a blubbery whale.
Yes, I said blubbery...

1. abounding in or resembling blubber; fat.
2. puffy; swollen: blubbery lips.

HaHa! Can you tell that I'm bored?

Emily said...

I love learning new things about my family. You're so cute, Cali:) I may just have to come over & join you some time for some icecream & lemonade:) Did you know that Grandma Sharon has a recipe for a dessert that has icecream & lemonade in it??? It's actually really good. Maybe I'll make it & bring it to you & we can eat it & have some girl time!!

Ike and Bethany said...

I can't wait to come see your guys new place. Will have to come down and have a date night. I bet you guys are loving it there.

Jeff and Marni Paystrup said...

Gushers exist in their own essential food group. I love them. So much that I know they are on sale at Albertsons right now.

Brousseau Family said...

Cali- hope you don't mind but I found your blog through Kim. I guess I just wanted you to know that we are so excited to have you around the corner from us. I just found out I will be your visiting teacher. . . Although I have definitely not been in your shoes - I have lost 5 pregnancies - 1 time with twins. Although the loss seems overwhelming, I've learned from it that you HAVE to try again to feel alive and to make it through. There will come a time for you to hold your own baby - it will come. . . At least that's what I learned and what worked for me. . .

Gourley Fam said...

My name is Emily Gourley. I am mom to angels Lilly and Ryker. They were born one year and 9 days apart, and collectively I have been a Mom on this earth for 12 1/2 weeks. I have no idea what it is like to have a "normal" pregnancy or delivery. Your story about Mac is so sweet, and you guys are truly an inspiration to complete strangers, who are touched by Mac. I think about you guys. I was told of your story shortly after you had Mac, but seriously you guys are in my prayers!
Heart hugs,

Hinckley Family said...

Sooooo, how are ya feeling??????????? j/k. We missed you in Cedar this weekend! How is unpacking coming along? We should come down and bring dinner to y'all and hang out. Hope your feeling better soon!

Lance, Tiff n Ash said...

CALI! Im sad you guys moved away from us... can you come back? We miss ya. Well lets plan a date that we can play, like the good old days... deal?
P.S. Lance just told me to tell you he doesn't think you guys like us anymore.. we use to be best friends and now we never see you. :) ha..I love my hubby, hes too cute. But really.. lets get together soon.. please!

Young Family said...

We've never met, though I've commented on your blog before concerning Baby Mac. Since this is the only way I know to get info to you I am passing it on this way.

I don't know you if you have info about The Share Foundation but just in case you don't I wanted to let you know about this.

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Larkin Sunset Lawn
2350 East 1300 South
Salt Lake City, UT 84108
In Davis County the Walk is at 10:00 at the Layton Park. There are also different walks all over the country.

I am really looking forward to participating in this event. You you are anyone you know is interested please pass on this information or contact me for more.
There are shirts available with your baby's name and other memorabilia. The orders need to be in by September 26. So please don't wait to share this information.

Here are the links for the Share Foundation

Salt Lake http://www.shareparentsofutah.org/index.html
Davis County http://www.utahshare.org/4436.html
National http://www.nationalshareoffice.com/index.shtml


The Durr's said...

Cali! I can't believe I found you on here! Hope everything is going well!! Love ya!
Shannon Durr (Shannon Brandon)

David Underwood said...

I've just been thinking about you. Your posts are beautiful. Your marriage is one to be envied! (although I think mine us pretty great too) I hope that you are doing well. We all miss uppercase!
(dave and Jenna too :) )