Sunday, December 14, 2008

Designer Blogs

My Sister-in-Law, Erin has started her own business!!! DESIGNER BLOGS- where you can get a fashionable, adorable, cute, stylish, new blog design. Check out her Grand opening SALE of 50% OFF your blog design until January 10, 2009 at her website through the link above. She does an amazing job, as you can see from my new makeover! :) Thanks Erin!


Chelsy said...

I love the new design! We definitely need a new look on ours...I just haven't had time to even think about it. Can she do designs for blogs that have two columns?

Rand and I keep saying now we need to have you guys over (with Jory and Lacie, too) of these days we are actually going to do it! :o)

TJ said...

Wow, I can see what you mean, Lou, I checked out the other ones she did for siblings too. They're so cute! oh by the way, that picture you have of us on the train needs to be taken down. :) I've got like twelve chins! You're always super cute though. Scoff.

Sara said...

You blog in adorable I love it.
You are In my prayers continuously. Bless you and your husband through this Holiday Season.

The Quintana Family said...

I was told about your blog by a friend who happened to be up blog stalking in the middle of the night the other night, and she told me I just had to go read about your sweet baby boy. I sat on the blog dedicated to him for an hour just watching the amazing slideshows and reading about him. You are a truly strong person. I can't imagine what you went through and what you will continue to go through, but it sounds like you have wonderful family and friend support system. I wish you and your husband the best of luck, and if you don't mind will probably continue to check back here once in a while. Your story has truly touched my heart :)

Rob and Susie said...

Love the new look. So stinking cute. Hope you are doing well.

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