Monday, March 24, 2008

First HOMERUN of the season!!!

Josh spent the week in Washington playing Gonzaga, Washington state, and Portland...7 games in 6 days!! Man it was hard week but Josh did really well! Some highlights of the week were- two hits and an RBI in one game against Gonzaga and a single and HOMERUN in one game against Washington!!! WHOO HOO JOSHUA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and all this time he was supportive, uplifting, comforting, understanding of pregnancy hormones, and loving to me! I'm so glad to have him as a husband and am so proud of all that he is accomplishing right now. Good job josh and good luck on Tuesday! I LOVE YOU!!!


Erin said...

Congrats Josh! I can't wait to finally see you play tonight! Hopefully you'll hit another one!

Henich Family said...

Homerun nice!!!!

Hope you don't mind me visiting your blog! How are things going with the apartment stuff? Torrey and I are really hoping you can get out of it before Sept!!!

Talk to you soon,

Colin and Ranie said...

CONGRATULATIONS JOSH! Awesome. You will have to hit another home run when we come to your home games. Preferrably if you could schedule one on April 7th, that would be perfect! I know for sure we will be at that game. Love you guys!