Saturday, March 8, 2008

St. George Baseball

Josh played against SUU and Dixie from February 28th through March 3rd. I wasn't able to make it for the Thursday or Friday game because of work but was able to go to St. George early Saturday morning and catch Saturday, Sunday's and Monday's game!! Josh's little sister Taylor and her fiance were also up there so it was nice having someone to hang out with all weekend when Josh couldn't be with me. Taylor got some really good pictures from the game so I thought I'd share them with all of you! I loved being able to see Josh for those three days- with his traveling this year that's the longest span I've seen him since baseball season started!! Josh is hitting really well and even seems to be running faster then last year :). I'm so proud of him for missing all this school and still being able to pull A's in most of his classes. WAY TO GO JOSH!!!


Jessica said...

Hello Hinckley's!!
I hope you don't mind that I leave a comment on your blog. It was so funny; I actually was looking through Kristen (Burgi's) blog and saw Josh's cute sister (Millers?) and realized that Josh was the baby brother she was talking about. By the way, love her blog.. her little stories about adoption and her family make me teary everytime I watch her cute slideshow. Anyway, I was talking to Lacie at the BYU game and she told me that you had started one for you and Josh.
So I went "blog-stalking" and found you. I ADORE your blog. I can tell how proud you are of Josh and think it is wonerful that you do this for him. It's totally more about him than you (which will change in a few short months because it will be all about baby boy hinckley!) and I think it's fabulous!!!
You looked adorable at the game. Still couldn't tell you were pregnant because I just saw you sitting down. I am sooooooo darn excited to hear you are having a boy. I thought it was awesome when we found out Mick was a boy. I figured that totally took any pressure off me for future pregnancies because every dad HAS to have a boy right. Little did I know we would have 4 more following!!

Good luck. I hope you are feeling well and... hang in there - I know how hard it is with our guys on the road so much! What crazy coach only schedules 11 home games in a season!! HAHA!

See ya at the ball field - sorry for the long post!

Colin and Ranie said...

I love your blog as well. It makes me feel like I am keeping in touch with you better and kind of get to see you. Those were great pictures Taylor took, I love the one through the net of the team. Glad you are still in love and doing fabulous! Love ya.