Monday, March 31, 2008

UVSC's 5K walk/run

Josh was in charge of putting together a fundraiser for the UVSC athletics to put on as a service project for spring. He decided to work with the Kids on the Move program and set up a 5K walk/run!! He did such a good job and they had an amazing turn out! Everyone had fun, and the athletes definitely put on a great show. Thanks to the Athletic Department for all the help that was given to Josh and good job Josh!!!

It was hosted on Saturday morning at 8 am! Josh had to be there early and so i decided to go with him...I will never wake up at 5 on a Saturday morning again!! I am not a morning person so that about killed me over, but once we got going it was so fun. My mom and little brother Alex came from my family and we ended up walking with Mike and Zack (brother in laws) and Josh's dad. We had alex in a wagon and Mike and Zack did amazing at helping us pull him up the hills!! I was a little sore afterwards but nothing to serious for being 6 months prego! I'm really glad that I went...Zack was the main sponsor and donated so much to help out with this- you can check out his website at and check out some pictures of the 5K under the recent events...

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Jessica said...

I love reading your blog. You are so amazingly supportive of Josh and I think that is wonderful! See you at the games one of these weeks!