Sunday, April 11, 2010

Happy Easter!

Easter morning was so much fun. We did a basket for Oakland and she loves her new things from the Easter Bunny.

Then there is always the food! We got to spend time with both Josh's family and mine on Easter- a big lunch and dinner with some amazing food.

The kids on both sides waiting to hunt those eggs!

Oakland's first egg discovery!

Oakland still LOVES her daddy!

And her fist. :)

Oakland with Aunt Rachel and Zoey!
Granny goose and all the little Grandgirls...

Goodnight Oakland- Happy Easter!!!

Easter, like all holiday's, are a little hard for me. There is always that thought of wondering what Mac would do. If he would be interested in the eggs or just like running around with the other kids. This Easter was far better than last since I had Oakland but still hard to see all the grandkids pile on Granny Goose and Grandpa Hinks lap, all my cousins and nieces and nephews search frantically for eggs, and everyone ooh and awe over how much your kid has grown over the last little while. Mac would be a year and 9 months this Easter- walking, jabbering, getting in to things, and wanting the toy the other kid has.
This Easter though, I have to be grateful for the church and what my Savior did for me. I am grateful that there is a way the I can see Mac again and raise him some day. I love the gospel and know it's true!

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Natalie Oakley said...

AMEN... You don't know me but I happened onto your blog via a friend of a friend and your story touched and pulled at my heart strings, and ever since I have followed your blog. I have 3 children so I can only imagine that kind of loss. I was almost there with my son, he was real sick 2 years ago but our Lord blessed us with more time to spend with him. I think its wonderful how you still chat about Mac and all that he would be doing if he were here today.

So glad to hear that this Easter was better for you and Josh. Wishing your family the best from one blog friend to another.